How To Create Custom Category Pages For Your Blog

Heads up! Since this post was released Divi has released the new Theme Builder feature where you can easily control the layouts for all Category pages and more! Update to the latest version of Divi to get access.

Create Your Page

follow these steps:

Go to Pages > Add New
 Add Your Category Title
 Click Use Divi Builder
Select Build From Scratch

Choose Your Layout

follow these steps:

Insert a Specialty Section > Right Sidebar Column
 Insert a Single Row

Add Blog Module

follow these steps:

 Within the left column > Insert a Blog Module
 Add your Posts Number
Under Include Categories > Select the Category
Under Elements > Choose the elements you want to display.

Add Sidebar Module

follow these steps:

 With the right column > Insert a Sidebar Module
 Under Widget Area > Select Sidebar
Under the Design > Layout > Orientation > Select Right

Style Your Blog Feed

follow these steps:

 Open the Blog Settings
 Under Advanced > Add The CSS Class bbb_blog_list
 Grab the CSS code here > Paste into Custom CSS within Theme Options
 OR style within the Design tab


Create A Header

follow these steps:

 Insert a new Standard Section
 Insert a Single Column Row
 Add a Post Title Module
 Click + drag this section to the top of your page.


Style Your Header

follow these steps:

 Open the Post Title Settings
 Under Content > Elements > Choose the elements you want to display.
 Under Design > Text > Align Text Orientation to Center
 Open the Section Settings
 Under Background > Choose your background color.
 Click Save


Hover over image and scroll to see more.

Publish Your Page

follow these steps:

After you’re finished designing your Divi layout…

 Click Save Draft
 Go to Edit Page in the back-end
 Under Page Attributes > Choose your Parent Blog page
 Publish your page
 Copy your Page URL

Redirect Your New Page

follow these steps:

 Install and Active the Simple 301 Redirect plugin
 Go to Settings > 301 Redirects
 Under Request > Enter the Default Slug of your Main Category – This is found within Post > Categories. This is also the link your visitors will click.
 Under Destination > Paste your New Page URL – This is what visitors will be redirected to.
 Click Save Changes
 Repeat for each page.

You’re all set!

Now each time visitors click on the default category link, they’ll be redirected to your new page that you created with Divi.

Please Note:

This beginner-friendly tutorial is best fit for users with a small list of categories. If you are a user with a lot of blog categories, I recommend hiring a Divi developer to modify your default Archive.php template. If you’re interested, I can help!


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